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  • What is a Sip-N-Paint?
    It's an social event for individuals, couples, co-workers, friends, and family scheduled to sip on their favorite beverage and paint on canvas.
  • Where can I register for an public event?
    You can register at for the public event .
  • How can I schedule a private party event?
    All private party events can be schedule by filling out the online form located on the website. A representative will give you a call to set-up the particulars.
  • Can we book this event as a fundraiser? How much is paid out for a fundraiser?
    Yes, you can book as a fundraiser and receive 25% of the total earnings for organizations.
  • Do you take walk-ins?
    Yes, but everyone is required to register online and pay with a ATM Debit or Credit Card through paypal. No money will be collected onsite.
  • What is the age limit for participating?
    Guest must be 21-years or older for most events, unless designed as a youth/teen event.
  • Do I bring my own beverage, snacks and painting supplies?"
    Yes, you can bring your favorite beverage and snacks. Paint supplies, an apron, paint, canvas and brushes will be provided.
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